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From: Ewen Chia
Date: Thursday, March 02, 2017
RE: Why traditional marketers, salesmen, and network marketers are dropping everything to focus on affiliate marketing in 2017...
To my most frustrated and overwhelmed friends,

I got a message yesterday that made me think of you...

It was from an old friend I coached years ago.

I’m happy to announce he’s doing extremely well right now with an Affiliate Marketing business that I helped him start.

(Actually, I kinda had to force him to take it - but I’ll get to that in a minute).Seeing his letter made me happy - it was also frustrating...

Because you and I both know that the Internet should be a powerful way for ordinary folks to make money.

It should be an escape hatch that protects you from layoffs, pay-cuts, and insulting wages.

Unfortunately, for the past three years…

Things have changed in ways I never saw coming.

It’s harder than ever to make a penny online unless you’re a Super Affiliate like me.

There’s more competition than ever, in every market you can imagine.

Traffic is getting more expensive for everyone except those at the top.

There are no “David and Goliath” stories anymore. We “Goliaths” have the game completelyrigged against you and it’s not fair.

I can’t ignore this problem any more.

As much as I love being able to push a few buttons and dump thousands of dollars into my bank account - I can’t sit by and watch this happen to the digital marketing community.

And, I think I can do something about it, but I’ll need your word you’ll do exactly as I say when the time comes.

As you continue reading this letter...

Ask yourself if you’re really willing to do ANYTHING to change your financial destiny.

Because you will need to take one big step that isn’t easy for anyone…

...If you want to unlock the ability to print money on demand like my top students do every day.

If you do, I promise to completely transform the way you create wealth…Forever.
However, I haven't always been a "Internet hot shot" -

I started off like I'm sure you did - a little confused about how to make money online, and a little frustrated at my lack of knowledge…

Although hopeful that I could find a way to make a modest living for myself and my family.

Little did I know, the businesses I'd create would turn me into a millionaire over, and over again.

And allow me to travel the world giving speeches at symposiums, conferences, and seminars…
Yet there's one skill I've developed that completely blows everything else out of the water…

If I'd found out about affiliate marketing before I spent years building myself up the hard way, I would have enjoyed myself a lot more…

And I would have saved myself about a thousand headaches over the years…

The secrets I’m about to share with you turned me into “The World’s #1 Super Affiliate” - so as you read this letter from top to bottom, keep this in mind:

When you’re a Super Affiliate, you can:

·    Hold your entire business in the palm of your hand. These days, I can make $10,000 in commissions with just my smartphone while I fly from Singapore to L.A. You know how much it costs me to make that $10,000 check? Maybe $1.50.
·    You can skip over ALL “tech stuff” - I mean, I’ll even give you a successful website.It may not look fancy - (but think about Google. It’s not flashy, and people love it, right?)
·    Get started in any new market immediately. One hour from now, you can be making sales in any market you want. You don’t have to cold-call, or talk to anyone, or even leave your house - just make a recommendation, and collect your winnings.
·    You can make money without EVER creating a product of your own. Why struggle to sell a new product...when you can wander into a market like golf, guitars, or gardening…and you get paid on day one!

Without a drop of hype, I can promise you that as a Super Affiliate you can decide today that you want to enter any market you want...

And by tomorrow you’ll be making sales and earning commissions from the hottest companies.

When people say “overnight success” - they don’t usually mean it.

I absolutely do.

Now you’re probably about ready to call my bluff.

I know this because I would have one burning question in my mind if I was in your shoes right now:

“If you’re really making money that easily, and that quickly - why would you tell anyone how to do it? Wouldn’t you make more money if you didn’t have new competition?”

And the answer is a very loud:


There are so many markets online right now, there’s no way I could possibly be in all of them.

And there’s new niches and markets opening up all the time.

For example, a few months ago, I started in a new niche I knew nothing about and started to siphon cash from it with my system which you'll soon learn about...

Now, even if you did start recommending products in the same markets I’m in, it wouldn’t affect me in the least.

In fact - there’s so much money and customers to go around, we could probably partner up and make even more together than either of us could on our own.

One of my best strategies for earning huge checks involves making friends with my so called “competition” - so we can team up and crush it together.

Ewen Chia Super Affiliates!